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July 15 2011

1939 Pontiac Plexiglass Deluxe Six Ghost Car


"Plexiglass was a special material developed by Rohm & Hass, as they began working with variations of laminated glass. The result of their experiment was the discovery of this unique material which would be as transparent as glass and also provide the flexibility needed to mould it into a

"Using the designing blueprint of the chassis of the original Pontiac, Rohm & Ross created this c...
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July 14 2011

Nanostructures Could Make Electric Cars Cheaper [Headlines]


green-electric-carA Chinese startup found that using electrode materials and batteries can deliver large bursts of power to start electric cars while cutting manufacturing costs by 10%. A cost-efficient way to drive green.

July 12 2011

Event: Memory Remains. 9/11 artifacts at Hangar 17 - 06 Sep 11:00 - 01 Nov 00:00

Barcelona - unlike

Memory Remains. 9/11 artifacts at Hangar 17 - Barcelona

This installation by artist Francesc Torres presents a series of photographs of the area used for the preservation of material removed from Ground Zero at the World Trade Center. These images reveal to us how, in special circumstances, a museum may emerge almost like an organic body. Images of destroyed fire engines and police cars, bits of buildings converted into compressed magma, objects...

July 03 2011

Vintage Toy Racing Cars


“In the 1926 Tootsietoys catalog, this car was announced with the following words: ‘Boys love speed. They are always ready for a race.’ The Tootsietoy Racer with the number 23 on the grille is probably the first diecast racing car ever. Sadly the little car wasn’t very impressive and could not compare to the great American racing cars of the ’20s, like the Millers or Duesenbergs.”

“I have three...

July 01 2011

Event: Clicquot Rolling Diner - 05 Jul 12:00 - 25 Jul 00:00

Berlin - unlike

Clicquot Rolling Diner - Berlin

The Clicquot Rolling Diner is an unconventional street food concept that will be popping up at random locations in Berlin throughout July.

An original 1950’s Airstream food wagon has been modified into a summer bright Veuve Clicquot-yellow diner and will tour the streets of Berlin from July 5th to 25th serving delicious streetfood and champagne. The first stop is indoors at KaDeWe for three...

June 30 2011

Volkswagen Hovercraft

The Pop-Up City

The 21 year old Chinese designer Yuhan Zhang has designed a prototype hovercraft car for the consumer market. The Volkswagen Aqua should introduce the concept of the hovercraft to a mainstream audience. And how can you do this better than by creating a new Volkswagen? The Aqua is a good alternative for a SUV pulling a boat trailer behind it, and a ski box on top. It’s all in one. The...

June 29 2011

Event: Snoop Dogg - 12 Jul 20:00

Berlin - unlike

Snoop Dogg - Berlin

Snoop Dogg’s ability to stay at the forefront of popular culture and connect with his fans has resulted in unwavering relevance. While he’s a TV and movie star, the founder and coach of a hugely successful youth football league and a savvy adapter of new technology, Snoop Dogg remains Tha Doggfather of hip-hop. Incredibly, his music is as “doggumented” now as it was in 1992 around the launch...

June 27 2011

Event: Modeselektor - 08 Jul 23:59

Berlin - unlike

Modeselektor - Berlin

Wildly diverse, infused with exuberance and inspired by a slap of the absurd, Modeselektor’s inarguable grooves seem to emanate from every conceivable musical genre, creating a controlled chaos whose sonic expression elevates the eyebrows and heartbeats of critics and dance floors around the world.

‘Boundary breaking’ is a phrase that today almost every artist wants to claim, however...

June 24 2011

June 22 2011

How to use the Comicfuture Trashmachine

oscarlenker's YouTube Activity

I favorited a YouTube video: The Comicfuture Trashmachine Instructions Manual. A Agency4e7 project, produced with Atzgerei Productions for The Institute of Sustainable Design, powered by Colgate. http://www.sustainabledesign.at

The new BMW M5. 2011.

oscarlenker's YouTube Activity

I favorited a YouTube video: More at http://www.M-Power.com . This is the fifth generation of the BMW M5. It comes with a world premiere: a newly developed high-revving 4.4-litre V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo package. It's a perfect combination of a sports car and a busine...

NEW MINI Coupé: First Exclusive Video - Another Day. Another Adventure.

oscarlenker's YouTube Activity

I favorited a YouTube video: More at: http://MINI.com - With the right wingman, there's action around every corner. Say hello to your partner for everyday adventure into the unknown - the new MINI Coupé. Music: Ikebe Shakedown - Sakonsa

The Pussycar Automodule


Designed by Jean Pierre Ponthieu. in the 1970s.  The Pussycar Automodule was created as a promotional vehicle.  Described as ‘The Car of the Year 2000′, its rear wheel was powered by a 250cc single cylinder engine.


Images from Designlaunches

June 21 2011

Espejito, espejito, ¿quién es la conductora más guapa?

Gorka Limotxo tumblrea

Espejito, espejito, ¿quién es la conductora más guapa?

June 20 2011

Citroen C-Zero : 100% Electric [Image]

scaryideas.com: Advertising Archive

Citroen C-Zero : 100% Electric [Image]

100% Electric. New Citroen C-Zero.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Vienna, Austria

Event: Hitch-Hike (Uncut) - 20 Jun 19:30

Amsterdam - unlike

Hitch-Hike (Uncut) - Amsterdam

Hitch-Hike is the kind of rough, sexy film that Rodriguez and Tarantino allude to. Sure, it’s a Grindhouse exploitation film, but a classy one- an offbeat Italian thriller, shot in America, starring Franco Nero, the blasphemous Corinne Clery, and the mind-bending David Hess (Last House on the Left).

Washed up alcoholic writer, Walter, and his lovely wife Eve are an unhappy couple doing the...

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